Books by Dana Watson

Dana published her first book, Because He Loves Me, in 2014. She is also a contributing author of three books, “I’m a Praying Wife”, “It Cost to be a Boss”, and Women Who Pray”. Dana believes that God uses her to tell her story of domestic violence to help free women from the bondage of toxic relationships and feelings of unworthiness. And to also remind them that God loves them, and they are to never settle for less. Dana enjoys using fictional characters to tell the stories that most women can relate to loss, rejection, betrayal, and grief. But through all the pain they may feel there is comfort in knowing that God can heal the brokenhearted.

Because He Loves Me

“Because He Loves Me” spotlights women’s issues surrounding parenting, relationships, family, self-love and domestic abuse. Deanna, a single mother, recovers from toxic relationships and finds the meaning of true love in this Christian fiction. This piece of fiction follows a young single mother who later discovers and deepens her relationship with Christ. This book showcases Deanna’s self-determined strength, and an inspiring spiritual connection. This narrative is appropriate for Christian audiences (both single parents and single women), as the protagonist gains insight of God’s love.

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Man of Deception

Melanie was in total shock when she found out her high school sweetheart was serving her with divorce papers. With no one to turn to, Melanie called her best friend Vickie for a place to crash during her time of transition. After completing law school and becoming a junior associate at a top law firm in Charlotte, NC, Melanie believed it was time for her to try her shot at love again. So, for her New Year’s resolution, she was making a decree that 2019 was the year to find true love.

Giving up on the traditional way of meeting a man, Melanie created a profile on a Christian dating site, And that is when she met “Your Boaz”. But as quickly as “Your Boaz” sent her a wink, Melanie quickly deleted her profile out of fear. But that would not be the end for these two. After hearing a disturbing dream from her mother, Melanie questioned her fate with this mystery man? Who was this “Man of Deception” that her mom warned her of? Will 2019 be the year that Melanie finally finds true love?

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