Life After Divorce- Turning Pain into Power Anthology



We often hear the words, “be resilient,” and we immediately assume that we are supposed to recover quickly from a troubling event. But what happens when your family has suddenly been torn apart, how do you bounce back from that? Although it may be challenging, I must say it is doable. Getting a divorce does not mean your life is over. Matter of fact, for some of us, life is just beginning.

In this book, you will read a collection of stories on how eight beautiful souls were able to turn their pain into power. Some of these writers have found love again and are in new healthy relationships. Others have established a new relationship with the Lord and are using their pain to start new business ventures. This book is a book of hope and encouragement. No longer will those who face divorce be victims of their pain. And with the right tools and resources, you too can go from a place of pain to freedom.

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